Private Individuals

In the context of servicing individuals' tax cases, our agency with knowledge and responsibility undertakes:

  • Obtaining KeyNumber
  • Changes in Personal Information (home address, identity card number, other personal information) in TAXIS.
  • Report of changes in taxpayer's personal information to Public Financial Service (D.O.Y.).
  • Filling and electronic submission of Tax Returns E1, E2.
  • Filling and electronic submission of Real Estate declaration E9.
  • Direct calculation and printing of the tax resulting from the tax return.
  • Tax calculation.
  • Calculation of presumptions.
  • Applications for settlement of debts.
  • Application for Family Allowance A21, Social bonus, Allowance for oil-heating oil etc.
  • Printing of road using charges.
  • Printing of electronic entry fee.
  • Submission of Leases in Taxis though internet.
  • Private contracts of any kind.
  • Declarations of Heritage Tax, Parental Benefits, Grants, Inheritance rights.
  • Printing of TAXIS data (Declaration of Income Tax, Itemized Pay Statement of Income Tax, Identification of payment etc.).
  • Receipt of tax clearance via internet (in the absence of debt) or from the Public Financial Service/D.O.Y. (if there are debts for which a settlement has been made).
  • Completion of relevant issues to the competent Public Financial Service/ D.O.Y.
  • Consultation on issues concerning presumptions on maintenance costs for the best solution and avoidance of your high taxation.
  • Revised, additional declarations concerning previous years where it is considered to be necessary.
  • Tax expert consultation for handling issues like presumptions and source of wealth in order to avoid surcharges of additional taxes.
  • Advice on how to reduce the tax attributable to the real estate income.
  • Calculation of remaining capital for use, of previous years.
  • Employment of house staff.
  • Consultation in labor - insurance issues.
  • Printing pensioners' salary certificate from Social Security Funds.

Greeks expatriates - permanent residents abroad

We handle your representation in Greece and completion of all task types. All your obligations to Public Financial Services/D.O.Y. of permanent residents abroad as your tax representatives, for every kind of your issues' completion, submission of Income Tax Declaration, property, publishing of certificates, tax clearances, payment of taxes etc after proper arrangement with you.

Legislation in Greece is known to change constantly. We have the experience and the working force to protect your fortune. Also we inform you the moment you are interested for the latest developments and the latest law decisions.