Payroll-Employment Costs-Insurance Issues

Now in our country we tend to establish the international practice of assigning payroll management to a freelance collaborator. One of the most basic advantages of this practice is that it allows the business to focus on its main scope of work rather than wasting time and valuable recourses.
Rapid developments in the employment field during the last years demand not only knowledge but also responsible collaborators, with constant update of the continuous changing legislation. Collaborators who work to their best for the benefit of the business and the employee too who is the driving force of this progress.
With modern and updated software programs and also with a personnel which deals exclusively with businesses' payroll, we ensure comprehensive service of the businesses. We also undertake external tasks with Social Security Service/IKA , TAE, Self-Employed Workers’ Insurance Organisation (O.A.E.E.), Manpower Employment Organization (O.A.E.D.) and Labor Inspectorate.

The services we offer on this field are the following:

  • Management of financial obligations to the employees (payments, monthly payrolls, deposits, payroll allocation to cost centers).
  • Employer's inventory in Social Security Service/IKA.
  • Statements per employee and social security fund.
  • Schedule of working hours and leave register of the employees.
  • Personnel employment, contracts, retirements, dismissals, part-time employment.
  • Cost calculation of newly employed staff according to current National General Accord (SSE).
  • Updating for employment issues (leave of absence, working hours, National General Accord, sickness).
  • Updating the business for changes in the National General Accords.
  • Consultation for recruitment grant - subsidy.
  • Grant and loan programs of Manpower Employment Organization (O.A.E.D.) for employers.
  • Announcement - e-submission of all employee forms to the online system SEPE, ERGANI.
  • E-submission of Analytical Periodical Report (APD) to Social Security Service/IKA though the Internet.
  • Submission of wages tax (FMY), monthly and annually.
  • Obligations to Compensatory Funds.
  • Matters of safety technician and doctor.
  • Being present for solving any possible problems with all social security funds - Labor Inspectorate - Manpower Employment Organization (O.A.E.D.) - Centre for Occupational Health & Safety (K.E.P.E.K.) etc.