Accounting Services

Our office with many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of accounting and tax law, provides complete accounting services for all category books, either in your business' central facility or in your office. Our experienced and trained staff in combination with the latest technology equipment, will undertake the keeping and complete accounting monitoring of your business' operations and also the submission of all your online tax declarations through TAXISNET, while we handle all your transactions with the Public Financial Services (D.O.Y.).

In this field we provide you with the following services:

  • Planning and development of the company's form depending on the needs of the client.
  • Organizing and supervising of the companies' tax departments.
  • Complete and comprehensive maintenance of an accounting office in your business' central facility or in your office.
  • Accounting book keeping of all categories.
  • Accounting control and supervision of all company types (SA, IKE, Ltd, Personal Services, Non Profit etc).
  • Possibility to reorganize your accounting office with modern computer/software systems.
  • Full implementation of the audit plan with the purpose to attend the updating needs of the business.
  • Completion of financial statements in full compliance with the existing legislation.
  • Procession of bureaucratic tasks and transactions with Public Services (Public Financial Services/D.O.Y., Social Security Service/IKA, GEMI, Chambers).
  • Completion of Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  • Monthly results analysis and planning of economic policy.
  • Commencement of New Companies (Individual, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Specificity Capital Companies, Societe Anonyme, Civil profit or non-profit partnerships).
  • Single entry (Category B) and double entry (Category C) accounting book keeping and updating.
  • Tax support and updating regarding the Transactions' Tax Reporting Code (K.F.A.S.).
  • Submission of Periodical and Annual VAT Return Statement.
  • Submission of withholding taxes statements (FEE, FMY etc).
  • Special real estate tax statements (EFA) of legal persons.
  • Accordance of accounts (Customer-Supplier, -Accordance of Banks and Repository).
  • Submission of Customers' & Suppliers' Summary Statements.
  • Submission of Ιntra-EU Imports and Exports Intrastat, Listing and VIES Statements.
  • Submission of Annual Tax Returns E1, E2, E3, E5, E7 etc ..
  • Editing and Publishing Balance Sheets.
  • Companies' alteration.
  • Merging of companies.
  • Companies' cessation.
  • Consulting services.
  • Continuous monitoring of the financial progress of the company and timely updating of the entrepreneur for any possible actions he must follow.
  • Updating the client for any new tax - insurance ordinances which concern him and are beneficial for the company (tax relief, development incentives, subsidies, etc).