Tax Consulting Services

It is widely known that in our country, specially the last few years, there is no permanent tax system. Businesses cannot make a correct prognosis and planning due to, on one hand the legislative complexity and on the other hand the constant changes of the relative laws and ordinances.
For this reason it is imperative for the businesses to cooperate with experienced, reliable personnel which has the ability to guide responsibly and to prevent undesirable consequences of tax inspections such as fines, surcharges and additional taxes.

In this field we provide you with the following services:

  • Company tax consultancy support and supervision of their accordance with tax laws.
  • Provision of tax consultation according to each field and object in which each business specializes.
  • Tackling tax audits and settlement of tax arrears.
  • Provision of specialized advice on legal and natural persons' tax issues.
  • Representation in tax issues to the relevant services.
  • Guidance in the application of new tax conditions.
  • Settlement of pending tax cases.
  • Support during audits.
  • Processing and completion of all tax obligations of legal and natural persons.
  • Tax support in issues relating to substantial real estate and real estate transactions.
  • Tax consultancy advice for sufficiency of presumptions.
  • Settlement of pendencies for foreign residents.