Our office e-taxis specializes in providing accounting, tax consulting, payroll (employment) services for the full support of businesses - professionals.

Accounting Services

With its many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of accounting and tax law, provides complete accounting services for all category books, either in your business' central facility or in your office.
Our experienced and trained staff in combination with the latest technology.......

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Tax Consulting Services

It is widely known that in our country, specially the last few years, there is no permanent tax system. Businesses cannot make a correct prognosis and planning due to, on one hand the legislative complexity and on the other hand the constant changes of the relative laws and ordinances.
For this reason it is imperative for the businesses to cooperate........

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Payroll-Employment Costs-Insurance Issues

Now in our country we tend to establish the international practice of assigning payroll management to a freelance collaborator. One of the most basic advantages of this practice is that it allows the business to focus on its main scope of work rather than wasting time and valuable recourses.
Rapid developments in the employment field......

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